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environment, and as the unions-- >> well, that was a long time ago, a while back. >> that's true, but let's talk today. the fact that we had union busting in the the 60's and in the 80's and now right to work states. we've actually seen real wages decline, except for unionized jobs. the unions are the only thing keeping us from complete economic class, in that our middle class is gone. >> brenda: toby, many argue at that the unions have been why we're in so much debt, with higher pensions and the rest. what do you think this will do? >> this is such a green light and i appreciate the 1947 there on the front lines and great to see that, but the biggest issue here, is that we have now, first, coming in like boeing, it was building a new plant in south carolina that was stopped because the nlrb somehow deemed that it was not in the best interest of the labor department or the labor to work there. well, that was insane. that was probably 2 billion dollars investments that went up in smoke and that's coming back. people put a lot of projects on hold because they didn't know how crazy this nlrb
have been too 6789 what's the political environment you operate in, and it was not going to happen at that time. unfortunately, that problem persisted, but if you remember, you know, take yourself back to the fall of 2008, beginning of 2009, and you look at the tenure here. we had gdp contracting at, like, 8%. we were hemorrhaging jobs, and the idea that he didn't pull us back from the brink, i mean, we could have easily -- melissa: he gets create for that, and, steve, maybe you can address this. the problem is the housing mess is what got us into the crisis, and he didn't do anything to deal with fannie and freddie, and i don't know, that was a place where i feel like with his insight in his position, he could have had real leadership. >> anything at all. maybe it's back to what he did before that that he didn't want to step up and respond to that, and maybe he didn't have the influence that the president that some people hope he might have. on the tax cuts, with respect to the stimulus, we want tax cuttings that would have been stimlative, not cuts tied to ideological projects th
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and driven to succeed. we like that. melissa: and you should be comfortable in the environment. a very interesting stuff. thank you for coming on. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. melissa: next up, boeing is baffled by the ion battery. they may not be the root of the massive problems of the dream liner. could this have a bigger impact on the economy? have you notice stores in your area are charging you just to use your credit card? businesses in 40 states canal had customers with checkout fees. we will tell you why and what you can do and what to look for. piles of "money" coming up. ♪ stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at ♪ melissa: still no news from boeing on what exactly is causing all the problems that have grounded the entire fleet of streamliners. at first the lit
rate environment. we need to see real growth. charles: ladies, we thank you very much. tax hikes just kicking in. in threat of a double dip recession is looming. we have bill murray, chairman and ceo and author of without reservations. >> the company story is what america is all about. this is a small company that became big and hired a lot of people for every 35 people in america, we create another job. lester for the first time, 1 billion people travel outside of their home country. the first time that has ever happened. only 1 million came to america. getting the act together over there and are trying to be better, but there's so much more that can be done to attract business which is one of the sure ways to start the growth of again. >> a couple of the stories set happy chinese new year this last week. i am relatively bullish on the stock market because of the global economy. i always said there's never been a time in the history of mankind were there has been this much prosperity. it feels like the media is myopic. >> we are really growing rapidly in china. we are adding 66 more
. it is a shame for his legacy, but can anybody conceivably in this environment say we have to raise taxes on the middle class if they're in elected office? >> the reality is the present tax code is a disaster. yes, you can raise tax revenue and you can get people behind it if indeed you do it by saying let's scrap huge chunks of the present tax code that make no sense in going the direction of a tax code that is competitive to the rest of the world the tax court hurts us, and frankly will bring down what i call the compliance tax. how many people do their own taxes now and pay millions if not billions of dollars in the country as a whole to get somebody else to figure this thing out. i would pay a higher rate if i knew i didn't have to pay the extra $2000 cut $2500 per year to the accountant to tell me what its supposed to be. it is a serious one. liz: texas have made more liars than a golf hats, but if you're going to do tax reform it took years, you have to start it now, right? >> raise taxes on the middle class, the budget agreement did. starting january 1my own experience of a governo
argued the filing sometime ago that it would have minimal impact on the environment. not a lot of dispute that this would be good for the economy. gasoline prices may have been sliding, but they seem relatively high command others think of the pipeline as a way of addressing that. given all that i suspect the president will approve the pipeline, but i could be wrong. gerri: as you know, the governor of nebraska said it will change the root of the pipeline and make it go around and offered that supplies water to the state of nebraska and other folks. is this going to be enough to satisfy the greenies out there? will the environmentalist be happy? >> it won't satisfy the environmentalists because there have always been to arguments. the first is the potential impact on the offer. that has been addressed somewhat by this change in the pipelines course. not enough for the environmentalists. the second issue has not been addressed here, which is the impact on climate change. the argument in criminalists offer is reducing the crude oil shipping into the gulf coast means more greenhouse gases in
outside of the normal in the office business environment. i met barry who runs real estate business. he joined my board. i bought his company call from davos. liz: there are deals at least the seeds are sown here? >> that's right. it creates personal relationships you know that create the relationships outside to make it work. liz: real estate business genesis of it was here has been huge for you guys. >> we started with frank. bought grub and el lis and brought the two together. very interest rates are great for commercial real estate. you can finance it cheaply. low interest rates is ails good for somebody. not good in the finance business but in the real estate business. liz: not good good for savers but good for that is right part of your business which brought in a lot of revenues. what is the most interesting conversation you've been a part of this time around? >> i met the t-shock i only word is the prime minister of ireland. what i thought was really interesting, he was very focused on business. he came here and his whole group is here to say we're open for business. we're focus
in the environment. a very interesting stuff. thank you for coming on. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. melissa: next up, boeing is baffled by the ion battery. they may not be the root of the massive problems of the dream liner. could this have a bigger impact on the economy? have you notice stores in your area are charging you just to use your credit card? businesses in 40 states canal had customers with checkout fees. we will tell you why and what you can do and what to look for. piles of "money" coming up. ♪ ♪ melissa: still no news from boeing on what exactly is causing all the problems that have grounded the entire fleet of streamliners. at first the lithium ion batteries were being break to the blame for starting fires. now experts are not so sure. the transport minister of japan says his safety inspector has not found anything, and now we're hearing reports that japan eased its safety standards ahead of the dream liner lunch in order to make it easier for japanese manufacturers to make parts for the plane peter is an aviation expert and former managing director of the ntsb.
interest-rate environment created by the fed and also the money environment. that is why crude prices continue to rise with the stock market despite the weak economic data we have at hand. look at your other energy products on the session. natural gas has been a big winner in the face of cold weather temperatures, natural gas prices down slightly on the session. foyour wholesale gasoline price. gasoline prices have been rising up above $0.10 over the past month and are starting to catch up with those higher oil prices, so if you're worried about those gasoline prices at the pump, we're starting to see them come up in line with those oil and stock market prices. back to you guys. lori: that is fantastic news. melissa: bad news at the pump especially if you live in california with crude oil prices spiking, california motorist paying an average of $3.77 per gallon. it is the average. with refineries switching to costlier summer blend, voters could soon see $4. national gas prices currently average $3.42, up from $3.29 a month ago. matt smith is a commodity analyst here with more on what
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next, growing a business in this tough environment. we are talking california. obama land. entrepreneur and former model, supermodel joins us next. ♪ officemax can help you drive supply costs down... and down. use your maxperks card and get a 10-ream case of officemax multiuse paper for just 4.99 after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax. for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies. lou: labor unions suffering a sharp drop in last year. the bureau of labor statistics says the nation's union rate fell from 0118% to 113%. the los level since the 1930's. a loss of almost 400,000 union members. of course their dues. that average $634 per year per worker. in a single year that a
, and if they cannot any to be civilly committed input into protected environments, and the other thing we need to deal with this crime. we can talk about background checks, systems, and all these other things, but criminals enough up the background check systems. they need to get to the prison system, and the need to stay there, but that is going to require political backbone, and the determination to prosecute criminals and sadly, this a ministration it is just not happening. lori: i have to tell you, and our short conversation hearing your for ticket safety and mental health, it sounds like the nra is sort of changing the way it approaches the subject. >> not at all. italy's been abuzz safe and responsible gun ownership. we would 25 million kids through in a legal children's safety program and have the lowest firearm accident rate in 100 years. we have tens of thousands of certified instructors he. ♪ responsibility. everything we do is about safe and responsible gun ownership. we are just about serious solutions to the underlying problem and not papering over with feel-good legislation that will k
that in the future it could cause environment issues. >> they had 400 trucks a day coming in here. they still have about 40 trucks a day bringing in more debris. connell: when they get some of this debris being used? spec they get a lot of wood. there is enough would to fill a football field piled as high or higher than the goalpost. some of that, and a lot of that debris is being incinerated. a lot of it is being broken down into mulch. some of it is being made available to ordinary citizens. in some cases, one man brought his own sawmill out there. >> and manufacturing a product that could be used again and people can say this came from sandy, the storm, that damaged and affected so many people. there is a positive that can come out of it. >> a lot has been accomplished. so much is still left to be done, though. connell: thank you very much. we will shift gears and talk about oil prices here in a few minutes. we will get to this whole keystone pipeline issue. first, we told you about google's eric schmidt and his journey over to north korea. now, you can see, i guess, the results of that trip. y
that it supposedly puts a strain on the environment. sweden wants to discourage people from eating it. i feel like michael bloomberg is behind me and me, he was coy over their consulting. have i get an idea for you guys. melissa: i love me, and i hate taxes. there's nothing good about this story. how- melissa: just a stupid story. you're calling it as it is. >> i don't like me. think of all right. i honestly, did come into this. is this too much of the strain. we will defer to you guys. melissa: slap a carbon tax on anything. in the obviously are going to. why pick me? >> the whole thing is made up anyway. to give me started on your carbon taxes. a huge source of revenue. in the -- in his course of life, he spent years railing against the oil companies, and he just sold out. melissa: i feel like michael blumberg was behind this. melissa: i bet both of them. so this was interesting. apparently the italian mafia is infiltrating the renewable energy businesses the government offers billions in subsidies for wind and solar development. crime families are reporting land and then pressuring the owners t
for the environment, great for cars, is actually dangerous for the car, and in some cases, it voids your warranty. it's a big deal. what's the new research show? >> well, it goes into another part of the fuel system. the original research we look at looked at just the valves and the valve seals so it hurts your engine. now, this looks at the fuel components, itself, the pumps, the components of the distribution system. there are other parts of the vehicle, too, to be tested. it takes awhile to do this, but layer upon layer, the more we look, the more problems we're seeing. it's irresponsible to move forward in this fashion knowing full well that millions of cars in america could be affected. this is just, you know, epa's deal to push this fuel out to cars that were not designed to use it. melissa: talk about that specifically. in what cars is it safe? i understand in flex fuel vehicles and cars that are 20 # -- 2012 and knewer. -- newer. >> cars designed for that use, designed to handle e-15, and the auto companies went to congress saying we cannot warrantee our vehicles not designed to handle this.
and what is the most of corn tissue of our time, the environment we live in. obviously we have to protect it. i think that is a possibility and probably something that may be effective. stuart: wouldn't do any good? >> if we could get bipartisan support, it could -- stuart: when it would lower carbon emissions in a miniscule, may be lower the temperature is your.1% over a longer period of time. it is just a fund of money. that is why -- that is what it is all about. >> those dollars would be used for other efforts to control and focus on changing climate. stuart: they would just fill government coffers with that the needed money. >> if that is the case they wouldn't be a good thing. stuart: when you are if in favor of carbon tax to raise money. >> i am not. i am in favor of it as a way of controlling, beginning to control global warming and giving resources to combat it. stuart: i want to bring you the answer to the quiz we brought you before the break. we asked who said this? i am quoting directly. i am so tired of hearing that the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. yes we ar
the sectors you really feel confident about going into the next couple of months. >> in this environment with improving balance sheet consumer discretionary spending around improvement in housing, health care after being absent the last couple of years is certainly improving. valuations continued to be attractive and those sectors that are dependent upon the economy. industrials and materials look attractive. david: even though you are a little bearish, you have some pics. two of them have been beaten down. boeing with issues of defense spending and intel of course. why do you like these two stocks? >> if we tell you to look at stocks today, we are planning on you at least keeping those in our portfolio for three to five years all things being equal. boeing, that is a great play on the emerging market. that has been in the area ordering a lot of own planes. we like that. in the developed world they are very fuel efficient and that is a very big seller. there are fundamentals we think should propel boeing in the future. intel, they have not been present in the mobile device category, and
and our universities for the blind that we need here in america. not only the environment in which they can come here and study, but say here if they are needed. connell: making sure that it is not included in this deal, whatever that turns out to be? >> amnesty. there has to be a pathway to citizenship. people who follow the law should not be burdened by those that do not. connell: defined what that means . >> the 11 login or so have to be encouraged to come out of the shadows and join those already in line. there has to be an incentive for them to do that. it has to be negotiated. that is what we are afraid of. we do not believe that 11 million should be granted citizenship to prevent those that have followed the rules from the pathway to citizenship that they followed. connell: last thing on the prediction of the politics on this before we let you go. you think this will be a hard-fought, year-long battle or do you think we will get something done really quick? >> it depends on whether or not they want to treat this like obamacare. no transparency. i think it will be very hard t
record. connell: what are you expecting this year. it could be a completely different environment. many of those doomsday people are still expecting a mess, politically. after a while, you start to say, when will be the time that we do not get a last-minute deal? there is some percentage that fear that. is it reasonable? >> i think that is true. there certainly are some possibilities. the real fear has been kind of dissipating from the market. for example, we have lowered the downside scenario from 30% to 15%. as we look forward to the u.s. economy, there really are a lot of positives. housing is coming back very nicely. job growth has picked up a little bit. consumer confidence with the house prices and stock prices rising. that is coming back. that will be a big support to consumer spending. gas prices are not outrageous. i could give you a list of maybe 30 companies, a new factoring companies, that are looking to move their manufacturing back to the u.s. connell: we have seen a lot of that. you are right. bob, thank you. the third guest to be positive this hour on the housing market.
are sitting at. the dollar had broken through. you have seen the euro at 13 month highs. with this environment, you are seeing gold up $20. this is the market taking a breather. it does not surprise people on wall street. let's take a look at chesapeake energy. we know that the ceo will be stepping down on april 1. there it is. up 5.5%. what is the potential going forward? it is what you should continue to follow. back to you before thank you, nicole. contracted for the first time in years. peter, good to see you. the ten year treasury yield is about 10%. the markets barely selling off. what do you say? >> they need to worry. it is interesting that the last quarter of the avant-garde is the weakest of his presidency. it shows me that the temporary euphoria of the stimulus is holding off. i think the fed is getting ready to up the dosage of the stimulus. interest rates are rising despite this it the dollar is tanking. if it was not for the japanese yen, imagine how low the dollar would be. i think it will break down a lot. look at oil prices knocking on the door at $100 a barrel. more people wi
for the environment like we're in where you get some demographics and some requirements for health care actually helping you. but you also have some demand that will come as a result of the affordable care act. even though that is somewhat unpopular with some investors i think from fundamental analysis standpoint you really can find some names within the sector that will benefit like even as the economy is slowing. medtronic is one company in the med tech space we like quite a bit. for the last two years it has been suffering from secular growth deceleration. but you have had some cost cutting going on here. we think if you need a pacemaker, if you need sort of some spinal device that is not going to go anywhere. the concern in the entire sector has been around pricing and that information is beginning to clarify. liz: omar is running that company, a super smart guy. he is ready to accept and deal with the medical device tax. here is the three-month chart. looks absolutely gorgeous. let me get to robert luna. while eugene believes we'll see a six to 7% correction, you tell me what you foresee. >
of information slips out. you know she is making more money but no way to resolve it. transparent environment she is not making same as i am. what is she doing better than i am. we can solve that in advance of being explosion. melissa: you have that conversation and somebody says hey, so-and-so or pay everybody the same? that is what i suspect the pay everybody the same amount? >> no, we have people same class of skis, engineers, designers analysts make paying different salaries and experience and competence and see the other person's salary it is easy to understand the vector got them there. what they do better. easier path to get them where they want to be. no did he negotiate better? is he good at kissing ass in the back office. melissa: right, right. >> there is no person to manipulate. melissa: is it gone or confirmed or you look, oh. it would just confirm what you're thinking. why does it eliminate that? >> look at company with on few situation on salaries and pick that up and would be really horrible. if you build it out from the start people can have the debates. why are you making more t
the last several years. i think now we're in more of a range bound environment where investors should expect to earn yields, not too much more price appreciation, so we're looking at more of a 3, 4, 5 percent return for corporate bonds which is much lower than what we have seen over the last couple of years. liz: are you positive about the american economy? i'm understating it, in essence you are absolutely thrilled about how america is doing, you are bullish on america. i don't know if you saw the top of our show, gerry o'driscoll, the former fed insider was telling us he thinks this is an all artificial recovery. i presume you take the opposite of that trade? >> well, we're looking at 2% real growth and 4% nominal. so we're still in a below trend growth, but there are some bright spots. and we would point to housing and energy. housing because we're recovering off of very low base. and we will get double digit growth rates in housing sector. so we like a lot of companies there. liz: how much will housing contribute to real gdp there? i mean what are you expecting? >> so really there
, environment quality is the worst in poor countries. this is true historically as well as internationally. you got to get the economics right first before you afford the luxury of environmental protection. liz: climate change work a luxury what do you think? >> well no nine out of the ten hottest years on record have been since 2000 globally. this is is a problem now. liz: what do you think? >> it's not a problem now. right now i want to see the government focusing on getting the tax burden down the regulatory burden down to allow america's businesses to be back in the market to create income and have the additional resources to tackle this issue down the line. liz: private sector fix it? >> certainly, if there's a market for it the private sector will create it. liz: leaving it there. the happiest place could be in a disney world of hurt. why mickey is getting creepy and [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free i
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've got to get back to an environment where we have positive business investment. the easiest way to do it by the way is look at the tax side. ashley: yeah. >> we can still have a tax structure that is completely progressive but we have to continue to focus on structures that will enhance the ability for, for businesses to invest. ashley: that's right. >> moving tax rates, capital gains and dividend taxes from 15 to 24%, and taxing the rich is not a pro-growth policy. ashley: have to leave it right there. ed lazear, thanks so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you. tracy: especially when the rich keep moving. ashley: that's right. good point. tracy: follow the golfers. as we do every 15 minutes we check the markets now. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. good day for the drugmakers, huh, nicole? >> it is. look at some names on the move after earnings, latest drugs, clinical trials and mostly good news here, look at bristol-myers up 2 1/2% for bmy. they did beat street expectations. they're posting gains doing very well with that. they settled claims w
the environment we are seeing, the fact the we have tough earnings from apple waiting on the nasdaq which is a tech heavy composite index. we are seeing a winning day on wall street. phil flynn, the latest at the stock exchange in chicago. jeff: oil prices are rebounding from a big scare yesterday on the seaway pipeline. word that a glitch shut the pipeline down or reduced by half raised concerns that the flood in oklahoma would build back again. news today that it will be a short-term situation, they should get back to full capacity. 4,000 barrels a day by next week bringing the market back up. more oil down in the gulf of mexico is bullish. more in line with the global market to get the oil out the world, natural gas today, we have a bigger drawdown than expected, natural gas still down, a reversal on this cold weather. back to you. cheryl: we are looking at starbucks after dismal earnings reports, had come up with something to look at "after the bell" that might be decent, the real story with starbucks is stock over the past several months has gone up 20%. a lot of momentum to the upsi
to ultimately be able to unwind the asset purchase program that is underwriting a low interest rate environment and basically providing a frontal lo bottom my to the bond market. as well as the how long we'll see tame interest rates such that the bond market doesn't get spooked and we see a jump in interest rates which could happen at unwarranted period of time and thwart the anemic economic expansion that we have underway. ashley: gus, i wanted to ask you, we have a fresh crop of reserve bank presidents for the new year voting on policy decisions. does that change the dynamics or the conversation at all? >> it might change it a little bit. i think the kansas city fed president george has expressed skepticism over the fed's decisions lately. put on the other hand richmond fed president lacker, who has been a big skeptic is leaving voting members. i don't think it will make a huge difference overall and i think bernanke is calling the shots. tracy: that's for sure. the whole lobotomy thing is interesting. the whole thing is what worries people the most. ashley: that is why perhaps the fed may gr
'll see lyric can also give you exceptionally clear, natural sound in quiet and noisy environments because of how it works with your ear's own anatomy. (testimonial section) (testimonial section) (testimonial section) (testimonial section) (testimonial section) did you know, 94% of people who use lyric would recommend lyric to a friend or loved one. can your hearing aid do all this? lyric can. to learn more about lyric's advanced technology, call or visit for a risk--free 30--day trial offer. you'll also get a free informational dvd and brochure. why wait? hear today what a little lyric can do for you. get the hearing aid that can. lyric from phonak. lyric can. stuart: research in motion is presenting its new blackberry 10. you are looking at the presentation right now. so far we've heard that they're going to have a faster browser on the new blackberry 10, a better camera, an all together revamped blackberry. that's what we know so far. the stock is still moving higher. last quote i got, it's up about 5%. okay? they are listening closely to what the gentleman is saying about
a tighter regulatory environment where banks have fewer avenues to generate revenue. this is big picture here. so they pass to the credit card companies which pass it along to retailers. now retailers are passing along to the customers. the real solution has to be a bigger issue solution in tighter regulation right now, do you agree with that? >> no. the issues has to be competition the problem is retailers compete every day. you can go online and find incredible deals and bargains. if you shop for credit cards they all charge the same high swipe fee. we don't need regulation. we need genuine competition. >> amex is not a part of this settlement. amex has its own deal that seems to work out just fine because there are a lot of retailers, smaller ones in particular won't even accept an american express card. most of those customers know that and use other payment options. >> that's right. look, there are a lot of props with this credit card proposal. among them is that there are so many hurdles that as a practical matter it is unworkable. that is number one. number two, all it does is ins
consider the historically low interest rate environment and the fed saying they will continue to pump money into the economy to stimulate it, you will see the stock market continued to rally. this stock market knows that the government will continue to try to prop things up and that will continue to push these stock prices higher. dennis: how much longer can you continue to punish the sector this is the only direct interchange that the administration had on a regular basis or eight euros regular basis with the business community they really think that they can guide this economy much better than the private sector can. i think that is dangerous. private obama kind of got diverted away from the economy and onto obamacare. at the inauguration, he talked about global warming and green technology. he talked about gun control. i did not hear him talk much about jobs. charles: at this point, it is a second term. he does not have to put up the faÇade anymore. almost everybody on there was a liberal. to your point, the president will now work on his legacy. his legacy has never had anything to do
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